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Join RegNow affiliate program today
1. Please feel free to Sign up RegNow affiliate system.
2. Complete an online sign-up form and wait the confirmation letter
3. Select suitable advertising materials and integrate advertising on your website page
1. Easy money-making, free of charge to join.
2. Provide popular products for sale to attract more visitors.
3. Flexible selling method: a connection on your blog, a BBS message, news on your Facebook, twitter etc..
4. Every purchase made through your website can be tracked and assigned to your Affiliate account. Our affiliate program works with RegNow, they will transfer all the money to your account as third party.
5. The most convenient way to earn money, build your own business in a successful group.
6. Custom trial versions will be provided for you to attract additional traffic to your site.
Affiliate Policy
1. Affiliates are not permitted to submit uRexsoft products to other website by changing or even using the same name of uRexsoft products.
2. Affiliates are not permitted to do any ads on any search engine/site by using keywords that contain "uRexsoft" and design any uRexsoft products discount coupon.
3. Any discount promotion should unified between affiliate and uRexsoft. Please contact us in advance if you have any discount promotion plan.
4. It is not allowed to sell any of our products by affiliates on websites which is related to auction, such as, eBay.
5. All right is reserved by uRexsoft Studio.
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