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Backup DVD to Hard Drive for Colorful Journeys, Take DVDs on tablets on travel

Users would like to backup dvds collections to hard drive for different purposes. It is clearly known to all that users would very much like to backup dvds for a colorful journey, backup DVD to hard drive or take DVDs on tablets, like Xoom, iPad, HTC Flyer etc., on travel.

Is backing up DVDs for colorful journeys common for users?

From the above requirements from users, we know that users are keen on backing up DVDs for a colorful journey or take DVDs on iPad or other tablets for a long flight. This article will offer you a solution to backup your DVDs to hard drive for a colorful journey or make it available to take DVDs on iPhone 4S, Xoom, iPad 2 or other tablets.

How could uRex DVD Ripper Platinum meet my needs to backup DVDs for a colorful journey?

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum, as a DVD ripper for all Windows OS platform, like Windows 8, Windows 7 etc. is able to meet all your needs not only backing up DVDs to hard drive but also taking DVDs on Droid HD, Galaxy tab, HTC Sensation, and other kinds of tablets. It definitely would be your number one solution to backup DVD for colorful journeys. uRex DVD Ripper Platinum preset abundant SD and HD video format profile and kinds of tablets, and Android based phones profile for you.

How to take DVDs to Galaxy and iPhone tablets on travel before my colorful journeys?

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum makes it easy to backup DVDs for colorful journeys. We will explain you how within three steps.

Free download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum, install and launch it.

Step 1: Load DVDs to the program

You are able to load a DVD Disc, DVD VIDEO_TS folder or ISO image file of a DVD to uRex DVD Ripper Platinum.

Step 2: Select an output format

If you want to take DVD on tablets on travel, say, iPhone 4, iPad 2, Galaxy Tab, uRex DVD Ripper Platinum will give you surprise.

Backup DVD for colourful journeys

Step 3: Start backing up DVD to hard drive

Click the "Start" button to begin the backing up process. Backing up DVD to hard drive takes about 30 minutes but it also depends on your settings and your computer hardware level.

Once the conversion of backing up DVD for colorful journey is completed, you are now able to take DVD movies on tablets on travel.

You can try the program here:

Free Download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

You can also click the link below to buy:

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