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Is it hard to convert DVD movies to Apple TV while reserving the original video quality?

Apple TV, the world’s most wanted, comes to its 3rd generation, the new Apple TV, along with the new iPad. With 1080P HD content support, Apple TV offer you the entertainment you love at the command-DVD movies, TV shows, sports, your music and photos, and more. If we could convert DVD to Apple TV 1080P, 720P video for playback, it would be a visual feast.

Is it hard to convert DVD movies to Apple TV?

Yes, it is. The first difficulty to rip and convert DVD to the new Apple TV is the DVD copy protect. As you know, DVD manufacturers, like Hollywood, are continuously coming up with new ways to battle against breaking their encryption. uRexsoft DVD Ripper Platinum is the very program that handles all kind of DVD encryption from Disney, CSS and Region Code.

Can we reserve the original video quality when converting DVD to the new Apple TV?

Well actually the answer is no if you didn’t the right tool. Instead, if you get the right DVD to Apple TV converter, it is all with ease. With high quality engine inbuilt, uRex DVD Ripper Platinum easily converts DVD to Apple TV 1080P H264 MP4 with the original video quality.  Learn below an easy and simply way to rip and convert DVD to new Apple TV 1080P.

Take a whole to free download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum, get it installed and run it to get ready.

DVD to the new Apple TV Converter User Guide

Step 1. Load DVD Disc/Folder/ISO

Click the DVD-like button to do load DVD disc in your DVD-ROM. And, if you stored your DVD on your hard drive as DVD folder or ISO image file, click the drop-down menu to load a Folder or ISO file.

Step 2. Choose Apple TV HD
Simply choose Apple TV HD 1080P or 720 P as the output profile. You are able to save a profile as your own.

Step 3. Start Ripping DVD to new Apple TV HD

Click Start to begin the conversion of DVD to new Apple TV 1080P. Wait sometime for the DVD to new Apple TV HD conversion process. You are able to cancel or pause the process if you want.

Now, enjoy your DVD movies on your Apple TV HD and have Fun!

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