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How to convert DVD to the Slimmest Ascend P1

If you are asked that what is the world’s slimmest phone ever, you may answer iPhone 4 when it was newly released in June, 2010 or LG Optimus Black in March 2011. However, now the answer is Ascend P1 S from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei. With a only 6.68mm body, it is going to be the coolest phone ever in history. Shipped with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, resolution 960x540, enjoying DVD movies on such a great screen is of great fun absolutely. However, how to convert DVD to Ascend P1 is a lion in the way.

Ascend P1

Help me find a good DVD to Ascend P1 converter!

The only way to enjoy DVD movies on Ascend P1 now is to convert DVD to Ascend P1 first as it is a pity to all phones that there is no DVD-ROM. Generally, the first request for a good DVD to Ascend P1 converter is that it must be able to rip DVDs to Ascend P1 compatible formats. Secondly, the DVD ripper must be equipped to handle all kinds of DVD copy protections such as CSS, Region Code, and Disney etc. Quality and speed would be also of the top significance.

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is one your top choose to handle all kind of DVDs and convert them to Ascend P1. The conversion process is speedy and the result is almost the 1:1 quality.

DVD to Ascend P1 Conversion User Guide

Click to free download the DVD to Ascend P1 converter, install and launch it to get ready.

Step 1. Add DVD Movie

You are able to add DVD disc, DVD Folder and DVD ISO image file to uRex DVD Ripper Platinum. Simply click the DVD-disc-like button or the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Choose Output Profile

To make the DVD to Ascend P1 conversion more easily, uRex DVD Ripper Platinum offers you as easy way save your own profile for your Ascend P1. Click the Save Profile As to get your own profile for any device.

DVD to Ascend P1
Tips: If you click the edit movies, simply click the edit button.

Step 3. Begin the DVD to Ascend P1 ripping process

With everything you want ready, click the Start button to begin. The ripping speed generally depends on your DVD’s length and size, Output file’s properties such as resolution, video quality, and your Computer hardware level. Please wait until the conversion ends and you will be able to enjoy the movie on your Ascend P1 on the go!

You can try the program here:

Free Download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

You can also click the link below to buy:

Buy uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Now

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