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How to Convert DVD Jack the Giant Slayer to MP4 Effortlessly in Windows 8

2013-08-20 18:01:21 / Posted by John Wade to uRexsoft

The uRexsoft program uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is AMAZING. THANK YOU. I needed to get something ready for my website before converting DVDs to MP4 and this is the FIRST DVD ripping program I have ever been able to download and use in the first 5 minutes. You make it so easy, Pick DVD, Pick output format, RUN The first time I used it, I got exactly what I wanted in crystal clear format I can now use. And I've rarely complimented a vendor on their products. This is worth far more than the $39 I just paid.

Jack, a young farmhand, who is in love of a princess, opens accidentally the gate to a race of giants and the war is reignited. Jack the Giant Slayer is such a great film and loved by the young and the old, however, some people find it difficult to rip and convert DVD Jack the Giant Slayer to MP4 with other DVD ripping solutions in Windows 8. uRex DVD Ripper Platinum enables your easy ripping DVD Jack the Giant Slayer to MP4.

Jack the Giant Slayer DVD Ripper from uRexsoft

New Line Cinema as well as other DVD companies like Legendary Pictures is continuously coming up with new ways to battle against breaking their encryption. uRexsoft DVD Ripper Platinum is continuously to upgrade to support any DVD encryptions from Disney and other companies and it is your top choice if you want to backup the DVD Jack The Giant Slayer to MP4 as well as DVD to iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc.

How to Use Jack the Giant Slayer DVD Ripping Solution to Rip DVD to MP4

As is known to all, MP4 is now the most popular video format and supported by various media players and thus it is the best format to backup and convert the DVD Jack the Giant Slayer to. If you just don’t know how at the moment, you will be an expert after reading this Jack the Giant Slayer ripping guide.

Let get ready before ripping the DVD to MP4. Download, install and launch it.

Step 1. Import DVD

If you have the DVD Jack the Giant Slayer now in the drive, simply click the DVD-like button to load the DVD. If you have the VIDEO_TS or ISO file of this DVD, click the drop-down menu to get it imported.

Step 2. Choose MP4

MP4 is available in General Video. Choose it for the Jack the Giant Slayer DVD backup/


Step 3. Begin Converting DVD Jack the Giant Slayer to MP4

Now after the above two steps, you are close to what you need. The last step is click the Start button to begin DVD to MP4 ripping Jack the Giant Slayer.

After about 30 minutes, you are supposed to get no quality loss HD MP4 file and then enjoy it!

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