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Put DVD to iPad 3, iPad 3 Returns an Amazing DVD Enjoyment

Those who want to enjoy DVDs on iPad 3 have to put DVDs to iPad 3 however iTunes will not allow you to do so as even the new iPad 3 does not support DVD disc playing. iPad 3, as the first two generation iPad 2 and iPad do, only responses to its own video format: H264 MPEG4 MP4 or MOV. With its super display than iPad 2, it must return an amazing visual shock when watching DVDs on it.

What is needed to Sync DVD Movie to iTunes for enjoyment on iPad 3?

As talked above, before you want to enjoy DVD on iPad 3, you need to rip your DVD to iPad 3 compatible video format first. And use iTunes to sync the DVD movie to your iPad 3. Therefore, a good DVD to iPad 3 ripper is needed.

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is the Recommended DVD to iPad 3 Converter

Actually, do not think it too difficult. uRex DVD Ripper Platinum can handle everything for you. It is made easier to use but powerful in handling all kinds of encryptions, like CSS, Region code, and Disney protection. Most significantly, it is the best DVD ripper ever that outputs a perfect compatible iPad 3 H264 (HD) and MPEG4 (SD) video and enables your putting DVD to iPad 3.

DVD to iPad 3 HD Conversion User Guide

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is simply and easy to use as it presets the iPad 3 profile for you. What you actually need to do is in three steps and leave the program to do the rest. Read below to learn more in detail about how to put DVDs to iPad 3 HD.

Put DVD to iPad 3

Step 1. Getting ready

Click to free download this iPad 3 DVD Ripper, install and launch it.

Step 2. Import Source DVD

Click DVD-like button to import source DVD. ISO and DVD folder is also available.

DVD to ipad3

Step 3. Specify output profile for iPad 3

Click Output to choose one profile for you. iPad 3 HD is one choice.

Tips: You can also use your own profile if you like.

Step 4. Convert DVD to iPad 3

Click the Start button to begin the conversion.

After converting DVD to iPad 3, connect you iPad 3 to iTunes and put the DVD movie to iPad 3 and get ready to enjoy!

You can try the program here:

Free Download uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

You can also click the link below to buy:

Buy uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Now

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