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Microsoft Shows Mango with a 18M high huge phone

With the Nokia "Mango" mobile phone release, the eyes of consumers once again are attracted by Microsoft's Windows Phone system. To make a good product is the key to success, but the promotion is also very important. Microsoft knows this, so in New York City's Herald Square shows on the emergence of this large building.

This is a Windows Phone model and it is up to 18 meters in height. On the screen shows the display running Microsoft's promotion of the WP (Windows Phone) system in which Microsoft enable more users to learn more of the system so that the user has a re-understanding of the system without purchase. This model mobile phone can do a simulation running Windows Phone system and there will be live demonstration on-site, to show consumers the advantages and charm of Windows Phone.

I personally suggest Microsoft play a DVD movie on this super larger or “tremendous” display of a Windows Phone. Well, that is just a joke. :)

However, apart from iOS and Android, Windows Phone will certainly bring users a brand-new experience of phones and enjoyment, like watching DVD movies and play games. If you want to know more about Windows Phone, you can take a look at Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Nokia and Microsoft won’t let you down. You may now get a DVD converter for your Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. LOL.

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