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Top 3 Reasons to Watermark Videos

Watermark Your Videos to Prevent Them from Stolen

There was once a real story happened on a video maker. This video maker posted a great video on YouTube at some day. Soon later he decided to delete this video from YouTube and yes he did it quickly. However, it’s still not fast enough as some other people had downloaded it from YouTube and then re-uploaded on YouTube. And soon, this video spreads over the whole internet world and some even with watermark attached. Obviously, the video has been stolen. If the video maker watermarked his video with his name or something else, the video can’t be stolen like this way.  


Watermark Your Videos to Brand Your Videos

In this beautiful world, people see advertisements anywhere at any time. After you create a video, you can include your company logo or signature within the video so that your audiences may have more impressions on your company. It’s kind of way to brand your video and you may also make profit from it. Any videos you created can be watermarked with anything you want. Then, you can put the video on YouTube. People from YouTube will watch the video and then know your brand.


Watermark Your Videos to Give Your Videos Special Design

If your videos are simply recorded by your camera or iPhone, and you want to add something on it, you can use video watermark software to add some beautiful watermark. Not all people know how to design a video. Maybe you just want to add some simple text or an image on your video you can do it by yourself. There are some video watermark tool can help users to do these kinds of simple designs. Here we recommend uRex Videomark Platinum, which is a professional video watermark software tool enables you add text watermark, image watermark, shape watermark on your videos.


More about uRex Videomark Platinum

uRex Videomark Platinum is a great solution to easily add video watermark. Users are allowed to insert text, image and shape watermark into a video effortlessly. uRex Videomark Platinum provides simple operation, friendly interface, high speed process and batch mode to users. Click to learn more.

How to Watermakr Video

Click here to learn how to watermark your videos.

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